Historical Preservation Services

The Healey Werks is also passionate about historical preservation, in fact it is equally significant to our philosophy. We have always believed that certain automobiles benefit largely from preserving originality. It's not unusual for our Premier Restoration Services to include a great degree of historical preservation. Therefore, our Restoration Services often perform as a support resource to enhance the Historical Preservation process. This aspect of our business uniquely positions us to be a trusted guide for each client.

Historical Preservation Services are wide ranging and, depending on the motor car, those services can have a narrow scope or be complex and all-encompassing. Many clients desire mechanical preservation for participating in rally driving events, without sacrificing originality. Others request the complete history documented from the original import through its current ownership.

Understanding each clients specific request, enables our team to deliver excellence. As with any undertaking, time and attention to detail dictate the outcome, and at The Healey Werks, there are few limits to our diligence. It's an exciting journey for our team as well as our clients!

Contact us for more details and to schedule an appointment for our Historical Preservation Services.

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