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Engineering & Design Systems

The Healey Werks Engineering and Design Services offer complete solutions from design conception to finished product. Our team of talented design fabricators develop the intellectual foundation with the individual client's desires in mind. We then create prototype materials to demonstrate functionality, and mill/fabricate the finished product to perfection. These services range from fuel injection systems to custom chassis/suspension, body, interior, and trim fabrication.

Our onsite Electronic Engineering experts enable us to bring new technologies to vintage cars using the finest products and resources available. These products range from basic upgrades such as heated seats, to leading-edge GPS and traction control.


CNC Milling, Cad/Cam 3D Modeling, and Prototyping Services

Often our fabrication processes couple old-world craftsmanship with 21st century technology. With the use of Cad/Cam 3D Modeling, our fabrication team has the ability to scan nearly any part/panel/component into our 3D modeling software. This new technology is especially useful in 3D inspections as well as reverse engineering, design, fabrication, digital mockups and simulations. Copious amounts of time and expense are saved by simulating the fit and making the component properly the first time.

Custom CNC Milling
Cad/Cam Modeling Services
Prototyping Services
Example: custom prototyping and 3D modeling of Control Arm Mount
Example: custom prototyping and 3D modeling of Control Arm Mount

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