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Engine Components

QuickSilver Stainless Steel Exhausts

QuickSilver Exhaust Systems has been a recognised maker of original and 'Sports' performance stainless steel exhaust systems for the World's finest classic, prestige and exotic sports cars since 1973.
The Healey Werks is proud to be a regional dealer for Quicksilver Stainless Steel Exhausts.

The Healey Werks offers high quality components for Austin Healey engines. Please select the item(s) that you would like quoted out, and fill in your information. You will be contacted for quantity desired and further order details.

Manufactured Engines

Six Cylinder Aluminum Engine Block

Six Cylinder Aluminum Cylinder Head

Six Cylinder Roller Rocker

Six Cylinder Manifold


High volume multi-baffle sump

Crankcase stiffening plate

Billet crankshaft (3 to 3.2 litre capacity)

Billet crankshaft (3.8 litre)

High strength conrod (standard)

Special offset conrod (3.8 litre engine)

J.E. forged pistons

Push rods

Roller cam kit (4 cylinder)

Roller cam kit (6 cylinder)

Valve springs with retainers & collets (4 cylinder)

Valve springs with retainers & collets (6 cylinder)

Throttle cable kit


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