Interior Restoration & Design

The show quality exterior finish is complemented by Healey Werks' craftsmanship and the finest interior materials available in the world.

In few cases, the original manufactured interior parts and panels are available for installation. Craftsmanship and reverse engineering techniques are the keys to producing a finished interior that not only wins awards but creates a luxurious experience for the driver.

Each interior component and panel is painstakingly disassembled, documented, and measured to ensure exact replication. Often our clients will contribute ideas and suggestions that make the vehicle uniquely theirs.

Pattern design, color combinations and modern technologies open a plethora of options to suit any client's taste or specific requirements.

We believe it's possible to incorporate high-fidelity sound, digital video, GPS, and a magnitude of power options without sacrificing the classic vintage appearance.

While The Healey Werks offers Concours level restoration to absolutely original specifications, we also have strength in modern technology incorporation.

Like the materials used throughout the exterior of the car, The Healey Werks spares no expense in acquiring the finest interior materials such as carefully selected leathers and man-made materials from around the world.

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1960 Maserati 3500 GT
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