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At The Healey Werks our goal is:

"Achieve a higher level of excellence
with each project."

This culture sets the stage for meeting and exceeding our client expectations. It's also this culture that has established our company as a leader within our industry.

There's exponentially more to a Healey Werks restoration than fresh paint and new seats, and a great portion goes unseen. We pour passionate craftsmanship into every dimension of the process, including chassis/body, mechanical, interior, finishing, electrical, and even final performance tuning.

Originality is paramount throughout the vintage world, and the best means for preservation and restoration are experience and research. With nearly a century of collective experience, copious hours of research, and painstaking documentation, we produce finished products worthy of recognition at the highest venues.

Often our clients request custom changes or enhancements beyond originality. We work closely with each client to make sure the finished product not only meets the clients functional needs, but also their personal desires. Through and custom fabrication, our craftsmen and engineers merge old-world craftsmanship with 21st century technology. Improvements such as performance, safety, and A/V technology are commonplace and we work diligently to incorporate these, while preserving originality.

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