Our clients highly value their prized automobiles, and by sending them to us, they are entrusting us with prized and cherished heirlooms. It was for this reason The Healey Werks established its Fire & Safety Department.

With irreplaceable and extraordinary motor cars within our facilities, responsiveness and readiness to any incident is paramount. Our Fire & Safety Department, formed in 2004, consists of trained and Nationally Certified firefighters from our own full-time staff of skilled personnel. Coupled with a 1500GPM engine with two onboard foam systems, practical firefighting tools, and state-of-the-art communications, our team closes the gap between a theoretical sounded alarm and the moment when municipal fire companies would arrive on scene. While a fire requiring this level of readiness is unlikely, our team is willing and able to respond in the interest of life and property.

The Healey Werks Fire and Safety Department has also been made available to the surrounding communities in an effort serve and provide resources to our community where and however possible.

The Healey Werks Fire & Safety Department

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