Final Assembly Facility

The final assembly facility is the final stage in the Healey Werks restoration process. In this facility all of the final assembly comes together including interior, bright work, wiring, suspension, and drive train. Only restored and cleaned components are allowed in this white-shirt environment to avoid introducing contaminants such as dirt, solvents, etc.

This is a restricted access space. Even Healey Werks staff are encouraged to avoid areas within this facility, that do not pertain to their specific task at hand, in an effort to control unforeseen accidents and contamination.

Aftermarket upgrades are also made at this stage. Items ranging from performance exhaust and custom designed suspensions, to the world's finest leather upholstery and electronics technologies merge at this phase.

At The Healey Werks, attention-to-detail is our highest priority, and our final assembly process takes it to levels unsurpassed in our industry.

Final Assembly Space
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