The Owner

CRAIG HILLINGER was born and raised near Chicago, IL. At the age of four he began spending time in the family garage with his father Wolfgang Hillinger. As an owner and enthusiast of vintage European cars, Wolfgang helped Craig develop and nurture his understanding of the mechanical, electrical, and structural elements. At the age of six, Craig attended the first National Austin Healey Meet in Northern Indiana, now known as the annual Conclave. It was at this event that he met Donald Healey, and ignited a passion for restoring Austin Healey and Healey motorcars.

Since the inception of the company he has accomplished multiple awards, including several 1st in Class at Concourse, numerous Best in Show awards, and many overall awards. Craig's experience attests to his attention to detail and pursuit of perfection.

His many years of professional restoration experience enable him to build and maintain the primary relationship with each client. This relationship sets the stage for the restoration, and helps each client visualize the true potential of the project. As Shop Manager for The Healey Werks, Craig plays a key role in every step of the restoration process. Orchestrating the restoration by leveraging the knowledge base and skill-sets of each team member, he matches jobs with individual strengths, then mentors through the processes. While each member of the team contributes to the restoration, Craig continues as a primary craftsman in multiple areas of the entire restoration and preservation process.

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